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Proposed consolidated By-laws of the Company, which will be submitted to the General Meeting convened to October 7, 2008

CNPJ [National Taxpayer’s Registry] No. 02.808.708/0001-07
NIRE [Corporate Registration Identification Number] 35.300.157.770
A Publicly-Held Company



Section 1 - COMPANHIA DE BEBIDAS DAS AMÉRICAS − AMBEV is a joint-stock company (sociedade por ações), which shall be governed by these By-laws and by applicable law.

Section 2 − The Company shall have its headquarters and jurisdiction in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo. Branches, offices, deposits or representation agencies may be opened, maintained and closed elsewhere in Brazil or abroad, by resolution of the Board of Directors, for achievement of the Company’s purposes.

Section 3 − The purpose of the Company, either directly or by participation in other companies, is:

a)the production and trading of beer, concentrates, soft drinks and other beverages;

b) the production and trading of raw materials required for the industrialization of beverages and byproducts, such as malt, barley, ice, carbonic gas, as well as apparatus, machinery, equipment, and anything else that may be necessary or useful for the activities listed in item (a) above;

c) the production, certification and commerce of seeds and grains, as well as the commerce of fertilizers and fungicides and other related activities, as necessary or useful to the development of the main activities of the Company as stated in these Bylaws;

d)the packaging and wrapping of any of the products belonging to it or to third parties;

e) the agricultural cultivation and promotion activities in the field of cereals and fruits which are the raw material used by the Company in its industrial activities, as well as
in other sectors that require a more dynamic approach in the exploration of the virtues of the Brazilian soil, mainly in the food and health segments;

f) the operation on the following areas: research, prospecting, extraction, processing, industrialization, commercialization and distribution of mineral water, in all national territory;

g) the beneficiation, expurgation and other phytosanitary services, and industrialization of products resulting from the activities listed in item (d) above, either for meeting the purposes of its industry or for trading of its byproducts;

h) the advertising of products belonging to it and to third parties, and the trading of promotional and advertising materials;

i) the rendering of technical, market and administrative assistance services and other services directly or indirectly related to the core activities of the Company;

j) the importation of anything necessary for its industry and trade; k) the exportation of its products;

l) the direct or indirect exploration of bars, restaurants, luncheonettes and similar places; and

m) the sale and/or distribution of its products and the products of its controlled companies, either directly or through third parties, utilization of the means of transport required for distribution of its products, byproducts and accessories, and adoption of any system or instruction that, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, may lead to the envisaged purposes.

Sole Paragraph − Additionally to the provisions of the caption of this Section, the Company may participate in or associate itself with other commercial and civil companies, as

Section 4 − The Company is established for an indeterminate period of time.partner, shareholder or quotaholder, in Brazil or abroad.

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