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Notice to Shareholders - Conclusion of the period for the exercising of Preemptive rights


Ambev S.A., in connection with the Notice to Shareholders dated April 28, 2014, hereby publicly informs that, on May 29, 2014, the term for the Company’s shareholders to subscribe up to 21,919,490 new common shares, at the issuance price of R$ 16.09 per share, as a result of the resolution approved at the General Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 28, 2014, has ended.

The unsubscribed shares will be distributed among the shareholders that requested the reservation of unsubscribed shares in the corresponding subscription bulletin, in the proportion of 4.6617537% for shares of the amounts subscribed and paid for by them. For subscription and payment of the corresponding unsubscribed shares, shareholders must fill out the respective subscription bulletin at any branch of Banco Bradesco S.A., on June 11, 12 and 13, 2014, bearing his/her original identification document and CPF and, upon subscription, carry out the payment for such shares in full, in local currency.

As previously disclosed, after the abovementioned period, the Company may partially acknowledge and ratify the subscription of shares of the capital increase, given the payment and subscription of the minimum amount of the capital increase, approved by the shareholders, equal to R$218,277,229.62.

For any questions regarding the matters dealt with in this Notice, please contact the Company’s Investor Relations Department at (55-11) 2122-1415 or

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