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Material Fact - Change in the Disclosure Policy of Material Facts or Acts


Ambev S.A. (the "Company"), in compliance with the Brazilian Securities Commission (the "CVM") Ruling No. 358/2002 as amended, informs its shareholders and the public that the Company´s Board of Directors has approved, in the meeting held today, an amendment to the Company’s Manual on Disclosure and Use of Information and Policy for the Trading with Securities Issued by the Company (the "Policy"), pursuant to the CVM Ruling n° No. 547/2014, which amended the CVM Ruling n° No. 358/2002, to provide that the disclosure of any Company’s material act or fact shall be made through a news portal website in the internet that makes available, free of charge to the public, such material fact or act notice in its entirety..

Pursuant to the amended Policy, the Company shall disclose any material fact or act notice in the internet, at the specific website of Valor Econômico newspaper for material fact or act notices (, and also at the Company´s investors relations website (, through CVM electronic system website ( and to the stock exchanges where securities issued by the Company are negotiated.

The Policy also provides that the Investor Relations Officer may determine the additional disclosure of the material fact or act notice through publication in newspapers of wide-circulation usually used by the Company. Such publication may be made in summary form, provided that it indicates the addresses on the internet where the complete information is available to all investors in content at least equal to that sent to CVM.

The updated Policy is available for consultation on the Company’s and on CVM’s websites at the addresses mentioned above.

Finally, the Company informs that will restate its registration form (formulário cadastral) with CVM to contemplate the new disclosure channel for material fact or act notices and its reference form (formulário de referência) to describe the Policy as amended.

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