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Notice to Shareholders - Remote Voting Orientation


Exercise of Voting Rights by Sending the Bulletin for Distance Vote Directly to the Company

AMBEV S.A. ("Company") informs its shareholders that, considering the advancing of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the guidelines for prevention and coping with the new virus issued by the Ministry of Health and the Government of the State of São Paulo and the security of its shareholders, in order to facilitate the remote participation in the Shareholders’ Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings convened for April 24, 2020, it will waive the document formalities such as certified signature, notarization, consularization and sworn translation (a free translation suffices), as well as the delivery of physical certified copies, for the acceptance of the bulletins for distance vote ("BDV") sent directly to the Company.

Shareholders who choose to exercise their distance voting rights by sending the BDV electronically to the Company shall send it, accompanied by the respective documentation indicated therein, to the Company‘s Investor Relations Department e-mail (

In compliance with art. 21-U of CVM Instruction No. 481/09, the Company will inform the shareholder about the sufficiency of the documentation sent, or about the need to rectify or resend such documents, as the case may be.

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São Paulo, April 3, 2020.

Fernando Mommensohn Tennenbaum
Chief Financial and Investors Relations Officer

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